Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dungeon Defenders Xbox hack?

Alright, I am currently trying to hack Dungeon defenders. I extracted the case file from my Xbox, decompiled the DunDefHeroes.dun and have opened it in Hex workshop. I am clueless at this point....

Can someone help me with editing the hex values. I would like to hack the items stats and which items I have, along with my xp. Kinda like the saves on modio except custom to me. Any experts out there that will help me?Dungeon Defenders Xbox hack?
Take your current Gold (or XP) value and plug the decimal value (the numbers) into a Decimal to Hex calculator then search for the Hex string in your save and change to the number IN HEX that you want. Doing this to Dungeon Defenders, recently, has corrupted saves so do so at your own risk, and make a backup!

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